Prayer Circle

I dedicate this space as a place for us to remember to pray for each other

“I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” (John 8:12)

People in my prayer circle:

  • Michael T
  • Matt
  • Michael R
  • John Heard
  • Lindsey Kay
  • Corey
  • Ben
  • Fr. Vincent Serpa
  • Dante
  • Kevin + John
  • DeeDee
  • Jack
  • Hendrik
  • John and Mervyn
  • Scott Waggner
  • Fr. Peter
  • Greg
  • Marcel
Please feel free to join this prayer circle by leaving comments.

19 comments on “Prayer Circle

  1. As a gay Catholic living in San Francisco and trying to be chaste in mind, herat and deed….welll I can use ALL the prayers I can get! Thanks.

  2. Let as pray for God to heal their past experience and all the pain they are facing now. May the Lord lead the m to the right path.

  3. Please keep me in your prayers. Trying to keep your mind and soul clean living as a gay Catholic is a difficult task.

  4. Please pray for me here in Texas.
    I am struggling with drinking and struggling to accept myself and be who I am.

    I confess regularly. I pray the rosary every day.

    Please pray for me with all of your hearts in my day to day struggles to live each day.

    I will also pray for you all as well.

    God Bless,

  5. it is just beautiful to finally find a family of real people who share a common struggle and hope as i do.

    i will be praying for all of you. there is always a hope greater than us. let us continue to fight the good fight and share with the death and resurrection of Jesus.

    we don’t suffer uselessly…there is life behind this, for us and for all God’s people.

    God bless us all!


  6. Hello,
    I kind of just stumbled upon this page.I am new to catholicism.I use to go to a catholic afterschool program for awhile but after going through a very hard situation in my life even though I was raised protesant God led me to the catholic church and The Blessed Mother interceded in my life and led me to the truth.I ask you all to pray for my ex reggie.We brokeup because of evil manipulation of his family and untruthful false freinds and because of financial reasons.Please pray that God would restore our relationship and would take care of our finances.Also pray for him to be saved and delivered from the evil people who are leading him to destroy his life.I will keep all of you in my prayers and feel free to email me because I am here for anyone who would like to contact me.
    God bless and I will be praying for all

  7. hi all,
    Just wanted to ask you all to pray for me, as I strugle to come to terms with my homosexuality and how I integrate that into my spiritual life.

    I pray in paticular to my perosnal Patroness “Our Lady of Peputual Help” to help all SSA Catholics (regurdless of if they choice celeciby or those who opt for relationship) in their troubles and adversities.

  8. I pray for everyone here especially to Our Lady of Sorrows whom I feel is a patroness for SSA. Andrew mentioned only two options for a Catholic with SSA, but I’d like to tell everyone there is a third:healing.
    I found out alot about myself and others. The roots of SSA are usually deep and varied but as each contributor is identified it’s power over your sub-conscious feelings and emotions lessens and new thinking and healing begin. Don’t assume it is unchangeble, natural or in any way inborn.
    Your SSA is a complicated product of your past, your perceptions and your personality and while the latter need not change, your past, your family relationships and your interpretations of the past can be addressed. It is a long process, and takes alot of reading, info gathering, introspection and prayer, but the rewards that freedom from same sex attraction brings are beyond description!
    Everyone here is in my prayers.

  9. For those of us struggling with sexual addiction, I earnestly pray that we find people who believe that we are able to be pure. Sex will only dull our pain temporarily, and then it gets worse. Purity is possible in Christ. Let us pray that He provides people around each one of us who believe this and who support us in that self-control that comes from the Holy Spirit. Let us press through any false ideas of God our Father and not neglect responding to Who He reveals Himself to be in Christ. He is good and loving and He is able to heal our hearts. At the same time, this is not usually fast, especially if we have been hurt by someone who we should have been able to trust. But that is not who God is, so do not give up, keep pressing in to our real Abba Father! I pray much love and consolation be ours in the Holy Spirit, the giver of life.

    Josh: I Have to say Rebecca, although I believe you are not doing so intentionally, it is very ignorant of you to use the words sexual addiction on this page! People who are SSA are no more sexually addicted than many straight people. You can find sexual addicts in all walks of life. Just be careful how you phrase things.

  10. I’m not sure Rebecca meant that people with SSA necessarily have sexual addictions. Sex is actually a very small part of homosexual attractions I think. But in all honesty for many the SSA drives them to pornography, multiple sex partners, sex with total strangers – all in a subconscious need to find that natural love we are looking for from the same sex. What I learned is that those needs can be filled (it takes time, prayer and continual effort) but they can be filled chastely, fraternally.

    Meanwhile Josh is right. We do find sex addicst in all walks of life so Rebecca’s prayers for them are very appreciated.
    I like this website:

    Peace, Chris

  11. If you are interested, you can read my blog at I think it will be an eye opener.

    I’m not done yet writing, but it look good.

    For those who are gay, don’t feel sorry about yourself, there’s nothing wrong with you that need to be fixed. Jesus love you the way you are.

    The problem is not to be gay, it’s to find a meaning with being gay. More importantly, it’s to find other gays who have faith and can relate to who you are. It’s important to find someone who can be a genuine friend and care. It’s very hard to be gay, having faith and being alone.

    I keep you in my prayers.

  12. I am asking for prayer for Kevin, whom I have been getting to know for the past 5 months. He has been out of a relationship for a year; however, he continues to struggle because of ongoing ties with his ex. As a result, Kevin has been unwilling to spend much time with me. We were seeing each other about every two weeks. He asked that I give him some space. Since doing that, I have not seen him in 5 weeks. We are supposed to spend time together tomorrow, but he has not responded to any of my messages since Friday. I am concerned about him for various reasons. Please join me in praying that God will open his heart and allow our relationship to be restored and renewed.

  13. Hola ando en busca de amigos gays catolicos por que necesito mucho de Dios para mantener una vida plena y felizmente gay si alguien tiene alguna oración que me pueda enviar se lo agradeceria mucho gracias y Dios los bendiga.


    Google translation for those interested:
    Hi I’m looking for gay Catholic friends that need a lot of God to keep a full and happy gay if anyone has any prayer that can send me would appreciate it very much thanks and God bless.


    • Pitho – I will pray for you and I am praying for all here who have SSA. A good prayer page is here:
      Jesus, Mercy Itself, heal all here who suffer and struggle. Fill all our needs with Yourself, and draw us to Your Sacred Heart. I ask this in Your name Jesus, Amen.

  14. Gods love and his care is for all people.

    Holding you all in my prayers .

    Mary please prayer for all your sons people.

    Blessings from Canon John ssb

  15. Thanks for such a small but powerful sacred space in Web. God hears our prayers and helping everyone.
    Please, pray for me too…

    May God bless Your work,

  16. Thank you Josh, this evening I have found you and others and know I am not alone. I am SSA Male Catholic and Celibate. God bless you all love and prayers. Allan

  17. Hold up your Gratefulness and Thankfulness today and everyday, because every breath is a miracle. Please, keep me in mind in all your prayers because I am in need, for my cancer is still growing inside me. Please, hold me up in your thankful prayers in the days to come. I believe our creator is the only one who can relieve me gently, completely, and as soon as possible of this tumor. In faith, thank you. Amen

    I am so grateful to have found you my brothers, please pray for my healing
    Love and Blessings
    Fabio Massimo P.
    in New York City

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