SSA vs Gay

I have placed this page here to explain why I prefer to use SSA (Same Sex Attracted) over gay.

Firstly, I’ll point you to this page on John Heard’s site Dreadnought. He briefly outlines the difference between gay and SSA, and I actually agree with him.

Over the last 8 years since acknowledging I am homosexual, I have never really seen myself as “gay”. To me, “gay” has always tended to mean a lot more, implying the stereotypical lifestyle you see in the media, rather than meaning a same-sex attraction.

I don’t believe I have to change who I am to fit in or have an identity. Rather, I am who I am, the person I have always been over my 27 years. I happen to be attracted to men rather than women, and rather than it defining who I am, it is merely a part of who I am.

Mind you, I am neither  judging or criticising other homosexuals who subscribe to the lifestyle, I am just really describing myself here.

Even so, you will see the word gay used a lot throughout this site and posts due to the fact it is a common word and is the best way for people to find me here through search engines.

2 comments on “SSA vs Gay

  1. SSA has much more meaning for me and I am grateful to see it raised here. I can never define myself in terms of my sexual orientation…. I am this ” me ” first, a son of God, a brother to others, Like all others I come from the Creator. Ordained now for almost 50 years as a priest and happily recommit myself daily to ministry. SSA? Yes, but thats only part of the story and I am reminded of todays Liturgy ” I thank you for the wonder of my being ” Amen to that!

  2. beautiful, thank you for your honesty, purity and devotion to christ message and setting a powerful example to all of us especially to those who struggle with SSA.

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