3 comments on “Homosexuality – The scapegoat of choice used by Religion

  1. Dear Josh (did I get it right? Finding names in a blog can be confusing),

    I stumbled upon your blog by surfing ‘gay catholic’ and I felt I HAD to respond to this entry. I am well old enough to be your dad (52) and like you (though MUCH longer 🙂 ) have been seeking to follow Christ and live our Catholic faith as a gay man. This entry about scapegoats resounded within me and my fraternity with you as a gay male Catholic could not let me ignore a reply. Coming from a different era and cherishing my privacy I am not out publicly, only to my best friends and close associates. Yes I have been active sexually but not, I have not been now for quite some time since embracing the faith in a more whole-hearted life (especially since seeing The Passion of the Christ in 2004).

    Yes, it HURTS deeply to hear fellow Catholics (with a big C, orthodox, etc) talk about us gays as something “less than”…even from clergy. and it will hurt even more and you grow in your understanding as yourself as a beloved son of the Father, brother of Christ, and male human being with the same dignity and sacredness as any other person. And yes, it HURTS to see str8 couples enjoying their relationship and walking hand in hand…wishing we could enjoy such simple pleasures (distinct from actual sex) without condemnation or discrimination. Being unable to change hearts (that’s God’s work) I accept the present situation as a special blessing from Christ, a kiss of his cross, an emotional/spiritual suffering that he asks me to bear in this moment of history (including church history). And I offer myself with this cross for conversion of hearts (beginning with my own) and in a special way I offer this inevitable unavoidable suffering for the deceased souls of those who in this life were gay and sturggles to follow Christ and for those now living, especially clergy and married men, who are gay and their situation in life makes is particularly difficult to have ANY freedom to express their gayness even in moral and appropriate ways.

    I hope this little bit from me helps. And I dont want you to get discouraged or worse…to turn in hatred upon yourself or upon the Church. Listen and remember, the Church is both at once human and divine. In its human side it is a community of sinful selfish scared human beings (us included!) who do not always – or even mostly – do the right thing.

    PAX, brother.

  2. Hi Dante

    Every bit helps 🙂
    Your post is beautiful, especially in remembering those who have passed from this life and have struggled, and those who are in this life struggling each day.

    Your post helps to reaffirm that we are not alone.
    Thank you for taking the time to share with us.

    Peace and God Bless,


  3. I agree that there is a higher level of concern about homosexuality as compared to other sins. All sin is sin. The church and believers in general have a much higher fear of homosexuality than other comparable sins. However, Christ is bigger than anything we face and came help us overcome it.

    As far as being born SSA, even if someone is born with the genetic tendancy towards homosexuality, it doesn’t make it moral. A person could be born with the alcoholic gene. Does that mean God wants him to drink himself into oblivion? No. The Word gives us what is moral and immoral. However, God offers grace, forgiveness, and strength to overcome any sin – even homosexuality – if a person is open to Him.

    I wrote a recent article about a fictional conversation between Ray Boltz (who just came out) and Jesus. If you’re interested, you can see it here http://shawnbarr.wordpress.com/2008/09/26/ray-boltz-talks-to-jesus/

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