I am a 30 year old Catholic. I am also gay.

I decided to start writing this blog in 2008 when some things in my life changed.

In my search to understand who I am, and how I can be complete, I noticed there were very little resources for people who are Catholic and gay living in Australia, and more specifically, Sydney.

I’m hoping that this could be a resource for other gay Catholics who have questions that are unanswered.

Although I use the word Catholic a lot, I do not make this exclusively Catholic. I just want to ensure that in search engines, Catholic people can find this. I know from my own searching, there are plenty of Gay and Christian sites, but not much in the way of Gay and Catholic sites.

I take all comments, but I will not tolerate bigoted or offensive language. Comments are moderated to keep spam, trolls and other undesirables from posting here.

I am also hoping that others may contribute to this blog, to get a broad range of experiences out there.

If you are interested, please email me at: