6 comments on “What is in a relationship?

  1. Beautifully said and deeply felt. You will find someone. And you will have that bond deeper than you had even before. And you will come to a place where you can feel hope again. All this I truly believe. You’re a good person; honest, deep, open and kind. You will trust again. God didn’t create you just for you to lose faith now, and I don’t mean faith in Him, I mean faith in YOU. Just as we believe in God, we must also remember that He believes in us. *hugs*

  2. Speaking as an atheist I’m always amused by all the figurative chest beating that takes place when the churches weigh in on the subject of gay marriage. The idea of marriage being a holy sacrament that is ordained and sanctified by God is so much nonsense. Marriage wasn’t even a sacrament until the church felt the need to make it so during Middle Ages where prior to this, its role in the ceremony if any was almost non-existent. And this is leaving aside the thorny question of whether people who marry under OTHER faiths are in fact living in sin and thus, damned. ‘You shall have no other Gods before me’ indeed.

    I, for my part believe that marriage should be clawed back from the churches and utterly disassociated from religion, moreover that the fundamental assumptions that underpin marriage should be re-examined. The Fundies really ought to look at what marriage has become in the modern world before suggesting that gays getting the right to marry would debase the institution. What is the divorce rate in the western world after all? How many celebrities treat it like it’s an institution with a revolving door? I would say that suggest that heterosexuals have already debased marriage without any help from homosexuals.

    But this is the nature of the human experience, change and adaptation to meet those challenges that arise. The synthesis of the natural and un-natural is arguably what defines us. So why do we cling to outmoded concepts and that ghastly book of bizarre and unworkable tribal taboos in the Bible? Further, why do we continue to torture ourselves for not being able to?

    So hang in there, I’ve no doubt that you will find someone else that will mean as much to you as your last partner did. And that it will be the same in this and yet different, which all things considered might not be such a bad thing. We should not seek to replicate the past, that way madness lies. And if evolution or history has taught us anything at all, it’s that, that which does not grow and change, stagnates and dies.

  3. Hi sydcatholic, this is a very nice post. I share your views on relationship and companionship. You seem like a nice guy and I’d like to get to know you 🙂

  4. Sigh, I wish there were more men that had these types of contemplative feelings. I’m 23, living in California and it’s so hard to find people I can truly relate to. I enjoy the thought of devoting my life to God, but I want to seek companionship as well.

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