2 comments on “Homosexuality – Catholic vs Protestant reactions

  1. It’s interesting the panapoly of views towards homosexuality. I’ve heard people talking about simply reviewing all of the denominations and picking one that best fits their need to be accepted. Which is good, but also sad, because doctrine and truth take a backseat to belonging. Which is also good, because people can belong. But it’s bad when they compromise all their other beliefs.
    And here I go, talking in circles. 🙂

  2. Love

    Though i speak in tongues
    Of men and angels
    I’m just sounding brass
    And tinkling cymbals without love–

    Love suffers long–
    Love is kind!–
    Enduring all things–
    Love has no evil in mind

    If i had the gift of prophecy–
    And all the knowledge–
    And the faith to move the mountains
    Even if i understood all of the mysteries–
    If i didn’t have love
    I’d be nothing

    Love–never looks for love–
    Love’s not puffed up–
    Or envious–
    Or touchy–
    Because it rejoices in the truth
    Not in iniquity
    Love sees like a child sees

    As a child i spoke as a child–
    I thought and i understood as a child–
    But when i became a woman–
    I put away childish things
    And began to see through a glass darkly

    Where, as a child, i saw it face to face
    Now, i only know it in part
    Fractions in me
    Of faith and hope and love
    And of these great three
    Love’s the greatest beauty
    -Joni Mitchell

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